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Monday, February 18, 2008

Holy Light toys and rave gear batman!!

I'll never forget it, this was the place, this was the moment when it all come together when all life made sense.

I can hear the song in my head, see the lights and the lasers flashing accross my outstretches hands and arms, feel the bass saturating my body with energy and ...

For all that could be defined as a toy. Coveted by the fringe culture and supplies all needed items for maximum fun, adventure, and party. Plus an extensive online community!

blinky toys & glow gear
Flashing blinking trail-leaving lightup toys and fun. Ideal supplies to brighten every party, raver or not. Check out our growing glowing visual feast. Get decked out in LED belts, light-up fans, magnetic L.E.D.s, and glow-in-the-dark gloves! We have spinning delights that will mesmerize you and your friends. From flowing fiber optics to brilliant LEDs we've got you covered. Witness the visual thumping of our bright pulsating strobes sure to knock your optic nerve around like mike tyson. So take a ride on our roller coaster of visual ecstasy.

lights lasers effects
We have some seriously intense and beautiful lasers in your choice of flavors.. er colors including green, red and even rare blue lasers. Dont let the lasers make you miss our Powerful and stunning lights that fill the room with ambiance and color. Speaking of ambient effects we fog machines + juice to set a mysterious mood or make those lights and lasers stunningly visible! To make all those UV reactive and brightly colored items REALLY glow turn on a few of our blacklights. If your in a lighter mood try our bubble machines. For that excto-plasmic energy we have a wide selection of plasma sculptures, spheres and lamps. Spinning holograms make a great visual treat. Bathe a room in mood altering color with our spotlight + color wheels. Dont forget the timless classic: lava lamps! To top it all off and make those lights and lasers refract into millions of rays of light we love jumbo mirrored disco balls!


gadgets and electronics {gizmos}
Amazing little marvels of technology made for our amusement. Our tech and mech gadgets will amaze and delight even the most jaded party people. Audio bliss awaits you with our selection of ipod and zune accessories. Let your music devices reach their full potential with our variety of speakers. Nothing breaks the ice and makes a party like everyone singing their hearts out on a killer karaoke system (with ipod dock!). Be part of the invasion with our intelligent, friendly, and interactive robots! These android little brothers will be your personal minions! Ever wanted to fly a helecopter or drive a nitro racer? Now you can with our vast array of remote control cars boats planes and helecopters!


rides / outdoors
No boring transportation here but we DO have bikes, cars, scooters and rideable toys!Cant go wrong with skateboards plus we got decks and bearings to trick em out just right. Hard to beat heelys for stealth! We wear 'em shopping in malls, grocery stores, "super" stores, its great and no one says a thing as you glide past all the boring people stuck in their shoes! We even have trick pirate wheels for the more daring heely enthusiasts.
Fall in love with the outdoors again! We have lots of fun outside games like badminton and volleyball. Tired of the same old? Improve your coordination, ballance and ambidexterity with juggling or contact-juggling! Master the anchient and fluid art of poi. Gaze deep into the start with our powerful telescopes. Stay out all night, litteraly, with our camping gear. Or stay out forever with our survival gear!

stuff to wear {rave, goth, club}
The best looking, most comfortable, and most fun stuff to wrap your body in! Everyones got vintage t-shirts but OURS glow in the dark and shimmer! Feeling a little plain? Try dressing up your skin in tattoo slip on sleeves. Everyone will get the message when they see it slide brilliantly accross your waist with LED screen belt buckles! The classic rave look is yours with the UFO raver pants (most comfortable ever!). Express and highlight yourself with i-glow black light and glow in the dark body paint. Instantly change your look and your attitude with our crazy/sexy wigs. Just imagine what you could be... sexy bunny to cat in the hat or even an harajuku anime pop rock princess. Sail through the party as a swashbucking pirate (ladies), caribbean pirate captain, hot school girl, or dark fairy. Dont let your head get cold or boring! We've got everything from a ton of kangol to cat-in-the-hat hats for you. Eyes feeling senstive? We've got you covered with crazy dj raver shades and stylish club sunglasses. Retro-a-gogo with go-go gear! Stylish club wear for the guys and beautiful delicasies ladies.


jewelry / accessories

makeup hair body


Sharpen your aim and skill with these Airsoft high fps spring pistols, electric machine guns, targets and Airsoft gear including holsters and safety glasses! Dont forget to stock up on 6mm .2g and .12g glow in the dark BBs. We even have ICS Silicone spray lubricant to keep your airsoft weapons working perfectly. Safely dangerous toy weapons fit for play. We also have movie replica weapons that make you feel like the star of your favorite action film.

health & nutty yum yums


The wild the wierd and the wacky, MISFITS UNITE! From mystical fortune tellers to paranoide survival kits to help you survive the consipiracy, we've got you covered right down to bad dream sprinkles to make sure you have a comfortable nights rest. Get a ninja devil duck to protect you during your bath or a glow squish brain in case you've lost your mind (will be easy to find in the dark at least). We even have decoy safes to keep your precious stuff... wait for it... SAFE! We've even got exotic nagchampa incense to fill the air with aeromatic peace and blacklight reactive ash catchers to burn them in. You'll also find curiosities like vintage lunchboxes and retro oddities.

# Stuff you know you want!

* Art (its pretty creative)

* blinky lights & toys
lightshow LEDs
blinky magnets
other handheld light toys

* costumes

* cuddles (soft toys)

* Did someone say glitter?

* Edible Yum Yums & Accessories

* Effects & Pyrotechnics

* Gadgets (electromechanical?)

* Electronics
game systems

* games (all kinds!)
poi & juggling
* Get healthy/er

* gothic clothes

* Jewelry & body decorations

* Lasers (The wicked kind!)

* Lights (the big kind!)

* makeup & bodyart

* Misfits

* Movies & Videos

* Music (can ya hear it?)

* Outdoor (where the sun shines)

* clothes and accessories (dark to candy)
body art & makeup
beach (bora bora?)
* rides (toys that move you!)

* Tickets

* travel (everywhere)

* weapons

* Gift Certificates

* Donation

* Shopping ('Till you drop) cart
o Checkout (make out like a bandit)

cameras(dude wheres my car?)
remote & robots


poi & juggling

body art & makeup
beach (bora bora?)

rave clothes
soft toys

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